Dear Lea & Ryi
Lea & Ryi was established in 2020 by 2 mommas who loves shopping for our kids (which momma doesn't!). Each item sold here has been carefully handpicked from all around the world for our bubs to share with yours. A little background to the meaning of our shop's name; they are the names of our kids! They are the reason we are here today sharing with you our joy and passion in cultivating our children's imagination, creativity and love for pretend play. These open ended games are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides so much great benefits to a child's development. We hope you enjoy your time browsing through these products and we hope to be able to bring you more in time to come! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] . We would be most happy to assist in any way we can! With so much love, Lea & Ryi's mommas
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